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Moving to The Apothecary

Dear Readers,

I’m pleased to announce that Forbes has invited me to write for them as part of their prestigious The Apothecary blog.  I’ve taken them up on their offer.  It should mean a considerably greater readership. The first post will be up soon.   Both it and the post to follow will be, immodestly, among the best I’ve ever written. So stay tuned!

My acceptance means, however, that this blog, acadeathspiral, is going to enter a new phase of life.  It won’t be dead but it will be quieter.  For a while, I’ll simply provide links to the latest Apothecary material.  After a few months though, it will either be material that outside the topics on which Forbes wants me to blog, doesn’t fit certain formatting restrictions of The Apothecary or when I’ve “used up” the two blogs per month I am supposed to do for Forbes.   So don’t stop periodically checking this site.

I want to thank everyone for their readership.  I’ve learned a lot writing these entries and hope that you’ve enjoyed reading them.

Seth J. Chandler


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